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New Zealand Energy Corp.
NZEC – what's going on?

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Commentary - Of rights and responsibilities

February 02 2012
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January 19 2012
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I like a good mystery

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A Tale of Two Employees

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January 03 2012
Guest Article
Money is time: Chris Bart responds
Chris Bart

December 22 2011
Commentary - Money is time

December 14 2011
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Mud puddles at your feet
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December 13 2011
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New Zealand Energy Corp.
NZEC – what you know and who you know

November 17 2011
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Steve Jobs: Obsessed… or possessed?

November 05 2011
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The Rare Find – spotting exceptional talent before everyone else

November 02 2011
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Gold ready to attack prior highs in the 1900’s
David Banister

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A rally for gold
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September 25 2011
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September 14 2011
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Gold heading to $2,350 per ounce after 4th wave consolidation
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September 12 2011
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September 11 2011
Commentary - Bill and Bella

September 7 2011
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Bull Market In Gold Over With Double Top?
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September 3 2011
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August 27 2011
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July 27 2011
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July 20 2011
Commentary - Critical conversation

July 08 2011
Properties - West Lombok - Way Linggo and its relevance to Southern Arc (video)
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June 22 2011
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June 14 2011
Simplify Insider Trading Reports

June 03 2011
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Crucial Pivot Point for the CDNX Index in Canada

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Toolbox - What’s the grade between the highlights?

June 01 2011
Toolbox - Calculating Tonnage

May 31 2011
Commentary - A Revolution in Education

May 29 2011
Comparative Companies - East Asia Minerals (EAS.V) - Somebody’s gonna be pissed!
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May 15 2011
Properties - West Lombok - Pelangan - Remember though. I’m just an English major.Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

April 29 2011
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Where next for Gold-Silver and the SP 500 Indexes?
David Banister

April 19 2011
Feedback on 'A=B'

April 14 2011
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March 13 2011
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Say “Hello” to my little friend!
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February 13 2011
Commentary - Trust me!

February 12 2011
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January 31 2011
Key Personnel - Mate in Three?
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January 19 2011
Feedback on 'Sunday Afternoon'

January 17 2011
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon
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January 17 2011
Properties - Pelangan Drilling Results Released
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January 17 2011
Properties - West Lombok IUP Issued
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

December 9 2010
To Suppress or Not to Suppress

December 8 2010
Feedback on 'Relationships'

December 7 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Relationships
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November 24 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Big Picture… Little Picture – another walk around the barn
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November 24 2010
Properties - Taliwang - Southern Arc and Newcrest Sign a Heads of Agreement
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

November 24 2010
Key personnel - Mike Andrews
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

November 12 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Straight and to the Point
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November 12 2010
Properties - Tirtomoyo/Karang Tengah
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October 29 2010
Indonesia - The "Fifth BRIC"
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October 28 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - What’s Southern Arc worth?
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October 7 2010
Key personnel -Insider Trading Summary Report
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

October 4 2010
Properties - East Elang/ Sabalong - Southern Arc Strikes First Joint Venture Deal
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

September 15 2010
Toolbox: In Situ Valuation Calculator

September 10 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Various and Sundry
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

August 30 2010
Properties - West Lombok Maps Update
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (map update)

July 12 2010
Properties - Taliwang - Taliwang IUP Issued
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

July 12 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Bureaucratic
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June 8 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Fundamentals - Nickel Oil & Gas Corp.
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June 7 2010
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page

March 30 2010
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Cigars, Whiskey & Winning

March 23 2010
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The Greatest Trade Ever

March 22 2010
Size and staying power...

March 14 2010
… but the greatest of these is charity!

October 23 2009
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September 10 2009

September 9 2009
Just one more barrel of flour

June 30 2009
Survey Reports
Impact Silver Corp (updated)

June 19 2009
Guest Article
If I'm So Smart, How Come
I Don't Run PIMCO?

Gabriel Gray

June 19 2009
Is Indonesia ready to play
in the big leagues?

Kevin Graham

April 9 2009
Short Selling is Bad
for the Market

April 2 2009
Epithermal Gold for Explorationists

March 31 2009
Epithermal Deposits –
gold and silver

March 31 2009
Epithermal gold deposits, geothermal systems and volcanoes

March 22 2009
Southern Arc Minerals – Valuations for Selodong

February 12 2009
Guest Article
The Obama Stimulus:
All Porked Up and
Nowhere to Go

Gabriel Gray

December 27 2008
Canadian Crisis?
Give me a Break!

December 23 2008
Wheel of Misfortune

December 16 2008
Metal Markets?
Go East Old Man!

November 29 2008
You can get it wrong and still you think that it’s all right

October 31 2008
Winners and Losers

September 19 2008
The Indonesia Factor, or… Can’t see the Forestry for the Greed

September 10 2008
Survey Reports
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September 9 2008
Survey Reports
Silvermex Resources

August 6 2008
Survey Reports
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July 15 2008
Southern Arc and
Canada Nickel

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Guest Article
I May Be Drunk, But You're A Nincompoop.
Gabriel Gray

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The TSX Venture Exchange: Fire in the Hole!

June 16 2008
Pediment readies itself for a major step forward

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Puma Exploration

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Mining Company Survey Form

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Run fast, run far!

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May 30 2008
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Engagement is Everything!

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A Case Study in Due Diligence: Southern Arc Minerals
Omar Boulden

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When the ‘fan club’ wins,
due diligence loses

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Garibaldi Resources Corp.

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Survey Reports
Grenville Gold Corp.

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The Zoo Needs More Animals
Gabriel Gray

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Mineral Mining and Exploration Companies on the Venture

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British Columbia Securities Commission List of Disciplined Persons

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April 28 2008
Would you like some fries
with that investment?

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You say you want a revolution…

April 23 2008
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Such stuff as dreams are made on… a teaser

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Let's call it the LIE-BOR
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Inflation vs. Hyperinflation
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Hard Rock Miner’s Handbook and Rules of Thumb

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Toss a Pebble in a Pond

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Exploring Geology

March 31 2008
Guest Article
What if it's not a bubble? – Bubbles past and present
Gabriel Gray

March 28 2008
If it’s neither informative nor entertaining, what’s the point?

March 25 2008
Guest Article
Gold + Money Supply =
A Tool for Gold Analysis

Kim Brasington

March 24 2008
Rare Element Resources Ltd.
Preliminary Report

March 24 2008
Insider Trading Tutorials

March 16 2008
Pediment Exploration Ltd.
Site Visit Report

March 14 2008
Southern Arc Minerals Inc.
PDAC Workshop

March 13 2008
Toolbox: Cubing the Hole


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Steve Jobs: Obsessed… or possessed?

November 17, 2011

Late last night, I finished reading Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Steve Jobs. Let me cut to the finish line right away. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookstore or download site. Buy this book. Read it or listen to it. Study it. Travel through his 56 years, with particular focus on the past 35. Learn about the man, his business, his passion, his dysfunctional personality, and the rarefied world in which he lived. I suspect you’ll learn a bit about yourself at the same time.

Without hesitation, I give it five stars as the best biography I’ve ever read… and I’ve read more than a few. I bought and read ‘into’ Isaacson’s earlier biography of Albert Einstein, and labouring through perhaps the first half, couldn’t pick it up to finish. For that reason alone, I paused before buying the book. The subject matter was just too enticing, though, and this time, it was difficult to put the book down each night.

I should start by saying that I knew virtually nothing about Steve Jobs before reading this book. I knew that he’d started Apple with Steve Wozniak, that he’d been kicked out of Apple, and that he returned to enjoy great success. Beyond that, nothing. On his personality, I’d heard little to nothing until watching a Charlie Rose collection of interviews about the man. I was intrigued. While I’ve enjoyed my iPod for a number of years, only recently did I venture out of my shell to buy a MacBook Pro. I should continue to say that, with seven computers already in the house, my wife is ruminating on a 27” iMac for Christmas, and the iPad2 is in the wings, calling my name.

As a rule, I read, not so much to be entertained, but rather to learn. I’m always looking for new paths to better understand and articulate my own values. This biography offers a wealth of opportunity in that department, both in congruence and in stark contrast.

Working through the book, I concluded that Apple thrived because of Steve Jobs and that Apple survived in spite of Steve Jobs. The man was jam-packed with contradictions, though he would undoubtedly argue that this state offered no inconsistencies.

This is an unvarnished portrayal, with as much negative about the man as positive. There is no nice and neat compartmentalization of his position in history. While simplicity in design was his ‘God,’ any effort to simplify our understanding of Steve Jobs is doomed to fail.

Regarded as one of the greatest ‘design’ minds of our time (he did insist on a role in the design of the book’s cover), he demonstrated unmatched feel for what worked and what did not. Design was not the superficial appearance, but the very essence of a subject. He possessed great intuition for the end-user experience, and worked backwards from there through design, then engineering. Design drove the engineering process, rather than the other way around. Here’s the box… now go fit the engineering inside of it… and make sure it’s beautiful. He also had no time for market research. He asks, What market research did Alexander Graham Bell conduct before creating the telephone? He cites Henry Ford as saying, “If I’d asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, ‘A faster horse!’ People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

This book is rich in irony. In all matters Apple, Steve Jobs knew no compromise. There was no gray zone. To use what appears to have been his favourite word, everything was ‘shit’ until it was ‘perfect.’ Nothing in between. In the service of perfection at Apple, anything and everything else was open to compromise. The man was so driven by empathy for the faceless end-user that he displayed none for the real and identifiable people around him. His relationship, through products, with the Apple customer was so important to Jobs that he allowed it to displace relationships in his personal life (noting ever-present support from his wife, Laurene). His personal life existed to serve his Apple life. End of discussion.

Jobs approached Isaacson in 2004 with a proposal for his own biography. Isaacson was not aware at the time that Jobs had then recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and dismissed the prospect as far too premature. Jobs re-approached in 2009. His wife suggested to Isaacson on the side that if he was ever going to write this book, he better get started.

This book is the result of a two-year journey with regular access to Jobs, his family, his colleagues, and his adversaries. The story is punctuated with anecdotes from Jobs, followed frequently by Isaacson’s note that ‘this was not entirely true.’ The ‘other side of the story’ is well represented in this book. So much so that one might well be advised to choose one’s biographer carefully. The irony here is that, while this book is a function of Jobs' wish to control his own story (as with all things), he made a point of placing no conditions on Isaacson. He knew that the ‘truth’ would come out, but hoped for a balanced presentation. While, in his own words, he was an ‘asshole,’ he made no apology for it. He was neither proud nor embarrassed by the fact of it. From his perspective, it was just that, a fact. It was who he was and nothing could be done about it. He both blamed this state for some of his failures and credited it for much of his success.

Throughout, the book offers an excellent exposition of what came to be known as Jobs’ reality distortion field. A generous interpretation might liken this to Jack Nicklaus’ practice in the visualization of a golf shot from start to finish before addressing the ball. A more accurate interpretation would have it just as it’s called, reality distortion (my own visualization of a golf shot is, in fact, reality distortion at its best). Jobs regularly saw the impossible as possible, and drove his people until the transformation between the two eventually took place. In effect, he acted as if he could, by sheer will, make true what he wanted to see. People who worked with him stayed, if he let them, because he was able to make them do what they, themselves, never dreamed they could do. At the same time, truth be told, without this talent/flaw, he would probably still be alive. Cancer does not readily bend in the face of denial.

This reality distortion enabled him to re-write history in the service of his own mission. Few people had the courage to challenge him on it though. Bill Gates was not one to back down. When Microsoft first introduced Windows, Jobs challenged him, accusing Gates of stealing Apple’s graphic user interface (GUI). You have to love Gates’ response, as follows: “Well, Steve, I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”

There are most certainly business management lessons in this story, covering the full spectrum of disciplines. Steve Jobs was obsessed with (not possessed by… I think) a focus both on the big-picture vision and on the agonizing detail. He drove many over the edge with attention to every curve, every shade, every function, truly every possible consideration that may (or may not) have an impact on the end-user experience. As reported by Isaacson, this focus carried into every aspect of his life. He had a liver transplant resulting from the spread of cancer and nearly died in hospital. “At one point the pulmonologist tried to put a mask over his face when he was deeply sedated. Jobs ripped it off and mumbled that he hated the design and refused to wear it. Though barely able to speak, he ordered them to bring five different options for the mask and he would pick a design he liked.” Maybe he was possessed…?

On a purely business front, Jobs enjoyed much success. He was able to turn a $5 million investment in Pixar in 1985 into $7.4 billion when he sold it to Disney in 2005. In the days leading up to his retirement as CEO this past August, Apple became the most valuable company in the world. See the book for abundant detail. As presented, though, he measured success not in dollars and cents, but in the development of great products. He wanted to change the world. Safe to say that he succeeded in that.

For me, this reading experience serves to confirm my own articulation of what defines success and how to achieve it. Profit is part of the path, not the objective. Without both big picture and little picture perspectives, there can be no success. Surrounding oneself with only Grade A talent is an absolute must. Making a mark on the world in a positive way is the end objective.

My remaining unanswered questions relate to the journey. Do all performers at the very highest levels need to sacrifice balance in their lives in the name of the quest? Does one have to be an asshole to succeed? On the first, I suspect the answer is yes. On the second, I think/hope not.

This one’s a great stocking stuffer. A keeper. Five stars all the way.



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