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The art of the promise

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Venture Exchange - A better way to invest on the Venture Exchange

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Company Files
New Zealand Energy Corp.
NZEC – what's going on?

February 06 2012
Commentary - Of rights and responsibilities

February 02 2012
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Have I got a stock tip for you!
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January 19 2012
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I like a good mystery

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Commentary - Shawn Ryan says YES YOU CAN!

January 10 2012
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Risk assessment/Risk reduction - The demons within… or choose your battles carefully
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January 03 2012
Guest Article
Money is time: Chris Bart responds
Chris Bart

December 22 2011
Commentary - Money is time

December 14 2011
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Mud puddles at your feet
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December 13 2011
Company Files
New Zealand Energy Corp.
NZEC – what you know and who you know

November 17 2011
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Steve Jobs: Obsessed… or possessed?

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September 14 2011
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Commentary - Bill and Bella

September 7 2011
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Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Multiple tens of dollars
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July 27 2011
Commentary - Shoot the middleman!

July 20 2011
Commentary - Critical conversation

July 08 2011
Properties - West Lombok - Way Linggo and its relevance to Southern Arc (video)
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June 22 2011
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Connecting the dots
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June 14 2011
Simplify Insider Trading Reports

June 03 2011
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Crucial Pivot Point for the CDNX Index in Canada

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Toolbox - What’s the grade between the highlights?

June 01 2011
Toolbox - Calculating Tonnage

May 31 2011
Commentary - A Revolution in Education

May 29 2011
Comparative Companies - East Asia Minerals (EAS.V) - Somebody’s gonna be pissed!
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May 15 2011
Properties - West Lombok - Pelangan - Remember though. I’m just an English major.Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

April 29 2011
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Where next for Gold-Silver and the SP 500 Indexes?
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Feedback on 'A=B'

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Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Say “Hello” to my little friend!
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February 13 2011
Commentary - Trust me!

February 12 2011
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - All Systems 'Go!'
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January 31 2011
Key Personnel - Mate in Three?
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January 19 2011
Feedback on 'Sunday Afternoon'

January 17 2011
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon
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January 17 2011
Properties - Pelangan Drilling Results Released
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January 17 2011
Properties - West Lombok IUP Issued
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

December 9 2010
To Suppress or Not to Suppress

December 8 2010
Feedback on 'Relationships'

December 7 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Relationships
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November 24 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Big Picture… Little Picture – another walk around the barn
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November 24 2010
Properties - Taliwang - Southern Arc and Newcrest Sign a Heads of Agreement
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

November 24 2010
Key personnel - Mike Andrews
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

November 12 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Straight and to the Point
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November 12 2010
Properties - Tirtomoyo/Karang Tengah
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October 29 2010
Indonesia - The "Fifth BRIC"
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October 28 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - What’s Southern Arc worth?
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October 7 2010
Key personnel -Insider Trading Summary Report
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

October 4 2010
Properties - East Elang/ Sabalong - Southern Arc Strikes First Joint Venture Deal
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

September 15 2010
Toolbox: In Situ Valuation Calculator

September 10 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Various and Sundry
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

August 30 2010
Properties - West Lombok Maps Update
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (map update)

July 12 2010
Properties - Taliwang - Taliwang IUP Issued
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. - Main page (updated)

July 12 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Bureaucratic
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June 8 2010
Risk assessment/Risk reduction - Fundamentals - Nickel Oil & Gas Corp.
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June 7 2010
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March 30 2010
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… but the greatest of these is charity!

October 23 2009
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September 10 2009

September 9 2009
Just one more barrel of flour

June 30 2009
Survey Reports
Impact Silver Corp (updated)

June 19 2009
Guest Article
If I'm So Smart, How Come
I Don't Run PIMCO?

Gabriel Gray

June 19 2009
Is Indonesia ready to play
in the big leagues?

Kevin Graham

April 9 2009
Short Selling is Bad
for the Market

April 2 2009
Epithermal Gold for Explorationists

March 31 2009
Epithermal Deposits –
gold and silver

March 31 2009
Epithermal gold deposits, geothermal systems and volcanoes

March 22 2009
Southern Arc Minerals – Valuations for Selodong

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The Obama Stimulus:
All Porked Up and
Nowhere to Go

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Canadian Crisis?
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Wheel of Misfortune

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Metal Markets?
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You can get it wrong and still you think that it’s all right

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Winners and Losers

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The Indonesia Factor, or… Can’t see the Forestry for the Greed

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Silvermex Resources

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July 15 2008
Southern Arc and
Canada Nickel

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I May Be Drunk, But You're A Nincompoop.
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The TSX Venture Exchange: Fire in the Hole!

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Pediment readies itself for a major step forward

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Mining Company Survey Form

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Run fast, run far!

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May 30 2008
Survey Reports
Impact Silver Corp

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Engagement is Everything!

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A Case Study in Due Diligence: Southern Arc Minerals
Omar Boulden

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When the ‘fan club’ wins,
due diligence loses

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Garibaldi Resources Corp.

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Survey Reports
Grenville Gold Corp.

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The Zoo Needs More Animals
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Mineral Mining and Exploration Companies on the Venture

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British Columbia Securities Commission List of Disciplined Persons

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Insider Trading – Transparency for Lay Investors?

April 28 2008
Would you like some fries
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Survey report

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You say you want a revolution…

April 23 2008
Rare Element Resources Ltd.
Survey report

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Such stuff as dreams are made on… a teaser

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Let's call it the LIE-BOR
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Inflation vs. Hyperinflation
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Hard Rock Miner’s Handbook and Rules of Thumb

April 8 2008
An Introduction to Geology and Hard Rock Mining

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Southern Arc Minerals Inc.
Toss a Pebble in a Pond

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Required Reading
Exploring Geology

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What if it's not a bubble? – Bubbles past and present
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March 28 2008
If it’s neither informative nor entertaining, what’s the point?

March 25 2008
Guest Article
Gold + Money Supply =
A Tool for Gold Analysis

Kim Brasington

March 24 2008
Rare Element Resources Ltd.
Preliminary Report

March 24 2008
Insider Trading Tutorials

March 16 2008
Pediment Exploration Ltd.
Site Visit Report

March 14 2008
Southern Arc Minerals Inc.
PDAC Workshop

March 13 2008
Toolbox: Cubing the Hole


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Mud puddles at your feet

December 14, 2011


Too bad that things didn't work out the way we all hoped for at SA. I hope that the remaining holes will prove up some good grades, so that the share price can recover and I can exit, possibly with a nice profit.

Signed (I've changed his name here) X"

This was an email from a grahamanalytics reader, waiting for me when I got up this morning.

While reaching for my neck brace with one hand (to prevent injury from excessive shaking of the head), and my keyboard with the other, I caught myself short and bit my tongue. Took a deep breath, enjoyed breakfast with my family, sent our little one off to school, savoured a second cup of coffee with my lovely wife, and wandered back to the office to pen a response. In the meantime, I'd received multiple other messages, wondering if I didn't have more to say about Southern Arc… and one questioning directly whether I'd given up on that investment. Should have seen that coming, I guess. A friend had already predicted it when he saw my piece on New Zealand Energy (NZ.V), posted yesterday. For the past four years, people have been tossing names of companies at me, encouraging me to focus more on investments other than Southern Arc. My answer has always been, 'I'll only write what I know.' Now that I have chosen to 'know' something about another investment opportunity, and after a prolonged period of silence on my part, a sense of abandonment has been voiced by a number of people. Can't win either way, I guess.

Part of my hesitation in response is in knowing the part of the world from which the message had been sent. Perhaps something was lost in the translation, I thought. Perhaps. I'll give the benefit of the doubt on one hand, but will answer the message here as if it were intended literally as written. In light of the numerous recent messages I've received on the subject, the following should be taken as a general response, rather than simply a reply to one person.

Dear X:

It's far too premature to suggest that 'things didn't work out the way we all hoped for at SA.' To speak of this investment in the past tense is to be caught up in the moment. Getting caught up in the moment is a risky prospect in just about any part of life, with few exceptions. Think about that for a minute. How many times were you caught up in momentary agony, or momentary ecstasy, only to be pulled back to reality by the 'whole' picture.

'Things' are working out very nicely at Southern Arc, in my view. Nothing in the fundamentals of the investment have changed, other than for the good. I should preface these comments with the caveat that my view offers nothing to short-term traders or those who need the invested funds to pay for next week's groceries. To them, I have nothing of value to say. To those invested in the Company in hopes of a big payout, I say again, things are working out very nicely. Remember back in December, 2007, when John Proust was vilified for raising funds at $1.20? A year later, people were calling that move nothing short of brilliant. I regularly hear moaning and groaning from people who sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into this stock at $1.60, $1.70, and higher… and 'for what?' Well, here's the silver lining for those who bought as an 'investment.' Your sacrifice is not without benefit, albeit one you may not (yet) feel. Be assured that, if you had not been buying this stock at those levels, John Proust would not have been able to raise $46 million at $1.60 and $1.70 earlier this year. Bluntly put, he would have been issuing twice the number of shares at half the price. History will again judge favourably on this account, I think. So…while it hurts to have paid higher prices, it was not without an upside. This Company is cashed up for drilling West Lombok for the next two years. The general market may run a roller coaster ride to its heart's content. I care not. From an operational standpoint, Southern Arc is impervious… read that again… impervious to the market fluctuations. When the market is through with its gyrations, those companies with cash, with highly prospective properties, with strong management, and with key relationships in place will bounce quickly to new highs.

Engagement is Everything

For a number of years, someone very close to me would answer each new challenge with, "I can't do it!" Perhaps my greatest gift to him (I hope he would agree) is the addition of the word "yet" at the end of that declaration. He is infinitely more wealthy having accepted this gift. Life is a journey and should be engaged as such. Over breakfast this morning, X's message in hand, I took the opportunity to raise this subject with my 12 year old daughter. Asking her to finish the line, I posed, "Life isn't just what happens to you…" Her answer, with very minor edits, "… life is what you do about what happens to you." Who says there's no hope in our youth? My indoctrination of her is intact. From September through March, she spends some 15 hours each week training at a dance studio. All of this for a flurry of five competitions in the Spring. She's just 12, remember. As you enter the door of the studio each day, the sign reads, "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." George Bernard Shaw. "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Alan Kay.

I've got a million of these. Don't tempt me.

So… what's all this got to do with Southern Arc. Here's the thing. Four years ago, we created a community. This community was a small group of investors eager to learn more about this Company so as to become engaged in the journey. Engagement is everything. This engagement has spawned a partnership of sorts with Company management. I've heard John Proust speak in these terms on more than one occasion, describing this relationship with lay investors in Southern Arc as unlike anything he's experienced or seen … ever. By engagement, I mean study. I mean conversation. I mean thinking past short-term share price fluctuations. I mean stepping back to see the horizon, rather than zooming in on the mud puddle at your feet.

There are those who would dislodge you from such engagement. One would be the raccoon whom I described in the September 30th piece, Choosing the best tool. Adopting umpteen different aliases, this rather stubborn fellow has completely hijacked the online discussion forum for Southern Arc, doing everything he can to discourage intelligent conversation and (I suspect) with hopes to encourage lower share price for accumulation. His high-frequency posts are an attempt to frustrate and fatigue people into selling. Whether he actually wants to buy cheap shares or just wants to punish John Proust for money lost elsewhere, I honestly don't know. His behaviour seems downright sociopathic to me.

The Southern Arc community lives on, just not on the Stockhouse forum. The opportunity to invent the future resides in a will to engage. Step up. Initiate. Engage. Whether or not you become materially wealthy beyond your wildest dreams is irrelevant. The journey is the thing.

When you speak of "the remaining holes," X, I fear you're referring to the 16 holes to be released in January. Such short-term perspective, if I read you correctly, is folly. There may be something to celebrate in these holes… I expect nothing. If it works out better than I expect, I'll be pleasantly surprised. The Waterfall drilling program was a political selection, rather than geologic. While there is mineralization there (9 holes reported mineralization so far, if I recall correctly), this site was chosen to make a statement to the itinerant miners. This was the centre of their activity. The objective here was to be 'in their face… in their own back yard. We're here and we’re not leaving and there's nothing you can do about it.' Never a guarantee, but the message has been delivered. Bising and Tibu Serai are much more exciting sites, in my view. This is where surface work yielded grades topping 200 g/t. Bring it on, I say. With a 10 rig program and 6,000 metres per month through the first half of 2012, this is a junior explorer to be watched very closely. Most juniors will do a financing, poke a few holes in the ground, leak a few millions of dollars out to consulting companies with questionable connection to management, then do another financing. Not this one. With 30 km of strike, the game is just now getting under way. Far too early to be thinking about a share price recovery for a speedy exit. Far too early. See my piece from August 20th, Multiple tens of dollars for a refresher on my unabated enthusiasm for this investment. See the 18 minute July 8th video for my take on the scale of the upside potential for West Lombok.

Do not take my recent silence as indicative of indifference or disinterest or abandonment. Far from it. In my view, for what it's worth, this is the 'real deal' as the saying goes. Nothing has changed in the fundamentals of this investment. Two things have recently presented themselves as what I call bumps in the road. First, the security issues in May and August took everyone, including the Company, by surprise. Okay, now deal with it and move on. Second, the general market anxiety, still upon us. I term this as a 'bump in the road' also, though the doomsayers would say more. Cash in the bank says Southern Arc will survive and thrive, and my investment along with it.

There's been nothing to speak about in the absence of news. With sustained, uninterrupted, drilling activity, the news flow come January, should be strong and steady.

We all have hopes, and this one's fair game for our investment in Southern Arc. At the same time, hope is not a strategy. It must be coupled with hard work… and by that, I mean due diligence. I've done mine, and have no worries for this investment. None. Whatsoever. Period.

In time, X, I hope you can say the same.


Kevin Graham

P.S.: I encourage readers to continue to connect with me on Southern Arc, and am happy to engage. Before you do, however, asking if I've given up on SA, please first click on the last two embedded links above. There, you'll find my current take on this investment.

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